Collection: ACEs Recovery Zone

This collection is designed for those in the long-term recovery zone that is too awkward and uncomfortable for most Sunday go-to-meeting discipleship. 
The task to "write your vision and make it plain upon tablets" is a hard place to function in, and rare are the shepherds who are willing to step into the murky waters of long-term ACEs recovery.
Overcoming the complexities of long-term emotional healing is a daunting task to accomplish, and challenges visionaries and deep-thinking reformers as well. 
That is the reason that Papa God dispatched a vast army of pioneers who are acquainted with the long-term recovery process that forges unshakable faith and allegiance to our Commander In Chief... also known as Jehovah Tsabaoth, commander of the hosts of heaven AND of earth!!!
These books are designed for prodigals, church dropouts, f-bombers, and other misfits who have walked with Him into the dark territories of homelessness, addiction, severe mental illness, isolation, family abandon, identity crisis, incarceration, and have experienced not-so-friendly fire in the churches of our childhoods.
We understand the need for many, many, many "little talks with Jesus," and our ACEs Recovery journals are designed to help you capture your vision so others may learn to run with the vision that heaven has entrusted to YOUR loving care. 
ACEs Recovery Zone